We believe any business or organisation not only represents its products but also the intention and passion behind it.  A business, which once was just an idea, moves forward on the path of establishment, struggle, growth and success. Share the story of your organisation’s journey. Tell the world not just WHAT and HOW you do it, but also WHY you do it!

Institute of Professional Banking | Corporate video | Panchkula

Institute of Professional Banking (IPB) was formed in year 2014 with an objective to provide technical skills of accounting and computing to job seekers. With the vision of Mr. Gursimran Singh of providing employment to youth, IPB started providing banking skills. IPB focuses to inculcate overall development and skills to its students required specifically for banking industry. Their vision, passion and dedication towards training candidates has till now placed more than 1200 candidates in top reputed banks. Watch their journey, motivation and transformation stories of success.

Raising Readers | Kids and Expressions

In the first 6 years, children lear at a much faster pace than at any other time in their lives ! Early reading skills instill a life long love for reading and learning. KIDS AND EXPRESSIONS is one such activity center for kids which has successfully developed and raised so many readers in Chandigarh. See how kids enjoy and love the process of learning here and how there parents love to see their kid grow !

OBSESSIONS - The Creative store | Business Story

Passion, Talent and Love. The three things this creative hamper store runs on. Experience the story of ‘OBSESSIONS’ and its founder Neelu Trehan. The journey of her un’hampered’ dreams to create the Happiness of gifting. Packings so beautiful, you would not like to unwrap !

UNVEILING INFINITY | Panchkula (CHD) | Promo Teaser

Experience the bliss of meditating with the living master- Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Vigyaan Bhairav (Unveiling Infinity) in Panchkula (Chandigarh). 112 techniques of meditation and salvation unfolded by the Shiva; explained and taught by Gurudev himself. Introduce yourself to the Science of Consciousness.

Rishabh Puri | Personality shoot |

Rishabh Puri is an accomplished entrepreneur of Indian origin with his spurring business setups in Nigeria, Dubai, UAE, and China. He is the proprietor of HSR Entertainment and the producer of web series Meri Kahani – Season 2. He is also known for the books he wrote – ‘Aavya’, ‘Inside Heart of hope’ , ‘Flying without wings’ and ‘Seductive Affair’.

Kids and Expressions | Story of passion and learning

Children learn best when they enjoy learning. And when children get to learn from someone who herself is no less than a Happy Excited Kid .. who has always been a child at heart.. SUPRIYA BANERJEE VASHISHT. After quitting her corporate job she followed her passion of teaching and being around kids and eventually came up with KIDS AND EXPRESSIONS – a children’s learning and activity centre situated in Chandigarh.

Shatter the silence | Prasanchetas Foundation

”The world suffers a lot. Not because of violence of bad people, but because of silence of good people ! ” One in ten children are SEXUALLY ABUSED before the age of 18 ! ‘ It is time we understand such abuse – educate our children and SPEAK OUT about such incidents! PRASANCHETAS FOUNDATION takes this initiative to spread awareness and work on PREVENTION, PRECAUTION and INTERVENTION for the victim or anybody who is prone to such abuse. ‘The world suffers a lot. Not because of violence of bad people, but because of silence of good people ! ‘ Lets SHATTER THE SILENCE ! — an initiative by Prasanchetas Foundatio

One Year of Prasanchetas Foundation | IMPACT |

Since its establishment in June 2018, ‘Prasanchetas Foundation’ has been working rigorously in curbing the menace of CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE in our society ! Watch – how they strive to not only control the mental damage on a child, but also work on Preventive methods and Precaution. How their regular sessions have tremendously improved and eased sensitive sexual communication between parents – children, Teachers & students.