Have a question about us or our work ?

Haha ! Though this question is not related to the professional services we provide, yet it is somehow one of the most frequently asked question. Well, we are slim .. and sexy ! But we assure you our work weighs a lot more than us and is definitely sexier ! 😉

WEDDINGS: A lot of factors are considered before giving you a final quote. (No. of events, size and type of wedding, etc.)
Our wedding price range starts from 80,000 INR. Contact us to know more.

BABY SHOOTS: The innocence, playfulness, eyes filled with wonderment, sometimes with tears of discomfort and then..smile of comfort in parent’s arms. Every emotion of a baby is worth seizing!
Baby shoots starting from 10,000 INR.

 PORTRAITS: Good  portraits/portfolios needs not great bodies, but just self acceptance. Coz with self-acceptance comes Self Confidence – The only pre requisite for a portrait shoot.
Portrait / Portfolio shoots starting from 15,000 INR.

It is your choice what all deliverable you select to be provided to you. We offer and recommend the following:


  • Wedding Albums : Though the world has moved to digitalization and cloud storage, still nothing can replace the feel of printed albums. Trust us, the electronic devices cant express as much as what the printed tangible albums can.
  • Photographs (soft copies) : We know, having photos on-the-go on your devices is a must ! After all the world should know you #GotHitched.
  • Wedding Film Trailer : A short 3-5 minutes video in which we mainly focus on the couple and their story. Best for your social media upload.
  •  Wedding Highlight Film: It covers all the important and favourite moments in span of 10-12 minutes. You get the whole essence of your wedding and its functions along with your family’s take on this beautiful journey you started
  • Full Feature Film: This film will showcase all the details for which you and your family had worked so meticulously. The decorations, ceremonies, make up and everything else you put your mind and heart to; in 50-60 minutes of duration.

Baby shoots:

  • Soft copies
  • Printed albums


  • Soft copies
  • Behind The Scenes (BTS) Video.

We understand your excitement and impatience of wanting to revisit your special day and see all those specials moments ASAP, but as it is said ‘ Great things take time.’

Creating a flow of your story, colour correction, editing, placing right emotion at the right time at the right beat of music, is all what we strive to achieve. Thus making the process a tedious job, but the end product is totally worth the wait and effort.

We commit to deliver you the first cut edits of :-

  • Photographs (soft copies) – within 30 days.
  • Albums – within 15 days ( of completion of selection process from your side.)
  • Trailer – within 30 days.
  • Highlight film – within 60 days.
  • Full feature film – within 90 days.
  1. You will need to select the final photos you wish to be added to your albums – within one week of delivery of soft copies.
  2. For any change in the video films, please convey the changes within one week of receiving the first edit.

While we shoot, we already have a picture in our minds – of what the outcome will look like, after all the editing processes. Its like an unfinished product which can be finished into a fine product only by the craftsmen who started it at first place. Hence, we believe that providing the unedited footage or pictures will not be beneficial to you or even us.

Yes ! In-case you feel something important is missed out or needs to be replaced in the video, you can ask for the change one time. The video is pre-conceptualized before editing and a story board/ flow is created, which is synced with the audio/music.

  • Therefore, only certain clips can be changed.
  • Soundtrack will not be possible to change.
  • Edited interviews will not be possible to change.

We have a creative team who understand your taste and vibe, and accordingly give music, titles to your films. But certainly, if you have any specific music, title or genre in your mind, tell us before hand and we would love to incorporate it.

YES ! We do ! We believe that life is a journey and every journey has a great story. Be it your wedding story, travel story, story of your passion and dreams, your happy story or a tragic one, we would love to film it. Check our work here.

We are based out of Chandigarh, and  we definitely love to ‘Move Miles’ to cover the story of your special journey.

Just arrange our travel, food and accommodation, and we are good to shoot.

Definitely ! we rather prefer meetings over calls or texts. Meetings help us both understand each other’s tastes and requirements better. Plus we’ll serve you our special ‘Chai’ we get compliments for every time.  😛
P.S : You will be dealing with a multi-talented crew . 😉